Wow, I really love Harry & Louis
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Larry Stylinson on Twitter


Before Management went completely insane and starting controlling every single aspect in the boys’ lives, Harry and Louis actually had the freedom to tweet each other whatever they wanted. Here are all the Larry tweets between the two of them that I’ve been able to find:


gangbang + voyeurism rec post! happy gangbangy passover!

obviously harry/louis is very important to me, so almost all of these are h/l-centric (meaning either harry and louis invite someone to have sex with them, or there’s a gangbang but there are obvious h/l undertones), but i can’t account for the ot5 ones where they just all fuck each other. most of these are all about boytouch, but the few that are strictly about watching/showing i marked with “voyeurism”. i put two extra kinks in brackets, but make sure to read the tags on the fics anyway. personal favourites are with a ❤.

♛ 19 h/l-centric ot5, threeway and selfcest recs under the cut 

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